Ponderings on The Blacklist

Some thoughts on the Blacklist … SPOILERS, don’t read unless you’ve seen all of Season 1 and are up to date with Season 2. These are just crazy random ponderings that possibly contradict each other and may, or may not, make any sense. “It’s all just pieces of a much larger … Continue reading

Inventory my house

This is a goal from My 43 Things list. The original motivation for this goal came about during the summer storm season. The nightly news showed so many heartbreaking images of people losing their homes and belongings due to storm damage or flooding. It motivated us to review our insurance … Continue reading

Make a beautiful, inviting, uplifting home

This is a goal from My 43 Things list. A beautiful, inviting, uplifting home – what does this mean to me? open and airy feel to the house plenty of sunlight uncluttered living areas items and photos that are important to me/my family on display comfortable furniture a haven away from … Continue reading

The Wardrobe – A Reckoning

So Mama Fearse over at The Fearse Family blogged about her wardrobe, and set a {little?} challenge – do you dare count your clothes? I’m game, I thought. This should be a good way to get motivated and started on the decluttering project. Now I was feeling pretty confident I’d … Continue reading

The first step isn’t so simple

I want to simplify my life. I want space, and freedom, and room to move in my home. I want to rid myself of the embarrassment of cluttered rooms and mumbled excuses to visiting friends. “It’s been a busy week. The kid hasn’t been well. We’re in the process of … Continue reading

My 43 Things

It looks like the 43 Things website is closing down. After keeping a list of goals there for over 9 years and making some amazing friends along the way this is news is a little sad. It’s taken me a while to think about the situation and work out what … Continue reading